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Ammonia Guide

A living organism is a miracle that balances between the beautiful and the terrible.
Our body is full of substances that can cause incredible damage and destroy it.

In some reactions they are by-products, in others they are substrates for substances that will benefit.

One of these substances is ammonia, a neurotoxin that affects a large number of processes, is synthesized, transformed, resynthesized and utilized.

Ammonia is indeed becoming a hot topic, and thanks to this book, you'll find out why.

This book is a guide to the ammonia cycle.

How can it enter the body?
How is it formed there?
What contributes to its overproduction?
What processes can be affected by its excess?
What are ammonia derivatives and their properties?
How is it disposed of?
What genes are involved in the recycling process?

Following the complex path of ammonia, this book describes a large number of biochemical and biological processes in our body.

We will also discuss pathological conditions, diagnostic methods and methods of correction.
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In Polish, Russian languages.


Krystyna Maksimava

Krystyna Maksimava

Founder of Hack Your Genes,
epigeneticist, specialist in integrative medicine

Professional Development
  • Harvard med. 2021
    • genetics
    • immunology
    • biochemistry

Knowledge of genetics gives access to the “factory settings” of our body.
Knowing a specific gene defect, we, based on research, understand what dangers may wait for us.

This approach allows you to see the root causes of health problems and influence them accordingly.

In our project, we collect pathologically significant bundles of genes, and knowledge in the field of epigenetics, naturopathy, western and traditional oriental medicine give us the opportunity to compose more conscious, natural and preventive methods of their correction.

It's no secret that genetic testing is increasingly prescribed by progressive doctors for integrated assessment of the patient's health status.

But there is also growing number of people who themselves want to understand their genetics, see and understand the source ailments in inherited traits, to understand how it can be influenced.

With Hack Your Genes, you have the opportunity to receive a personalized, proactive approach to finding your health problems and their solutions.